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Smoke Dampers

VU120 Smoke Evacuation Damper

The rectangular VU120 smoke evacuation damper is noted for its superior airtight properties. It was developed in accordance with the European product standard EN 12101-8 and tested according to the EN 1366-10 standard. The VU120 offers a fire resistance up to 120 minutes, and ensures minimum pressure loss.

Smoke evacuation shutters and dampers are suitable for use in ventilating protected lobbies, venting to shafts either naturally or mechanically. They open to evacuate smoke in emergency situations whilst maintaining fire resistant integrity in standby position.

• Superior air tightness (tested at 1500 Pa)
• Optimal free air passage and minimal pressure loss

Product Highlights

• Tested according to EN 1366-10

• Compliant with EN 12101-8

• Approved for installation in calcium-silicate, ‘Staff’ and concrete shafts

• Maintenance-free

• For indoor use

• Intermediate dimensions on request


1. Connection flange PG30 on the side of the mechanism
2. Simple flat finish (PS) at the shaft side
3. Casing made of refractory material
4. Damper blade
5. Operating mechanism
6. Sealing and blade bumper
7. Intumescent strip
8. Transmission with locking (open/closed)
9. Product identification