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Diffusers, Grilles and Louvres

Air Movement Supplies have promoted the Excelsior range of diffusers, grilles and louvres since 1998. This extensive range includes swirls, perforated plate and fixed blade options. The catalogue attached has taken the most popular types as the range is too extensive to gather into one catalogue. AMS uniquely manufacture a wide selection of the grilles including louvres and perforated swirls.

All grilles come with nomograms for sound and pressure. Most grilles are available from selection programs which are available on request. Diffusers are either natural aluminum finish or standard 9010 RAL (20% gloss). All grilles have matching plenums and include balancing dampers and/ or perforated plate on request. We also supply automatic diffusers with wax bulb springs to change the projection of the grille in summer and winter conditions optimizing effectiveness. We have many years of experience for selecting the right grilles and would be happy to facilitate any design questions you might have.