Fire Rated & Smoke Extract Ductwork Systems

SureFire is a fully tested system for all fire and smoke rated applications

• CE Marked Smoke Extract
• EN Tested Fire-rated Kitchen Extract
• BS476 part 24:1987 (ISO 6944)

SureFire fire-rated duct has been designed to cater for the various fire safety requirements in the building industry today.

The system has been comprehensively tested by Warringtonfire research department, achieving 245 minutes.

The strictest procedures in the fields of manufacturing, installation and inspection are adhered to. Certification on completion of works is provided by our trained inspectors.

The prevention of fire spread through ducted systems

The prevention of fire spread through ducted systems is of critical importance. Non fire-resisting ductwork systems can be responsible for allowing the initial spread of fire and smoke between compartments. The correct use of fire-rated ductwork will maintain fire compartmentation and assist in the safe dispersal of hazardous smoke and fumes.

Performance Criteria:

BS476 part 24:1987 (ISO 6944)
prEN 15781 (Fire)
EN 12101-7 (Smoke, CE Marked)


Insulation failure shall be deemed to have temperature in the laboratory, on the unexposed surface of the test specimen outside the furnace, exceeds either:

a) 140°C as an average value
b) 180C as a maximum value read by any surface thermocouple.

Note: See also the Annex, BS476 Part 24:1987, clause A1 c) in respect of insulation failure of ducts ‘A’ within the furnace where such ducts contain combustible materials (i.e. Kitchen extracts).


The presence and formation in the test specimen of cracks, holes or other openings, outside the furnace, through which the flames or hot gases can pass shall constitute integrity failure.

CE Marked


• All system components manufactured in-house insuring quality and quick turnaround
• Single fix installation
• Robust Construction – does not chip
• Lighter in weight than other fire-rated ductwork
• Available in square, round or flat oval duct

SUREFIRE i (insulated)

SUREFIRE i ductwork offers insulation of up to two hours in applications where an insulation criteria is required. Thickness and density is calculated by the type of system and time period required.


Upon completion of installation SUREFIRE inspectors can issue a certificate for all items manufactured and installed stating that the system conforms to the requirements of B.S.476 part 24 and/ or prEN 15871.

SUREFIRE Fire Rated Ductwork
SUREFIRE Fire Rated Duct