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VENTS Partnership Range

Air Movement Supplies has teamed up with VENTS; one of the largest ventilation manufacturers in the world to promote its extensive range of energy efficient fans for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

VENTS is one of the global leaders in production of energy-efficient ventilation equipment. One of such energy-saving solutions consists in using highly efficient EC-motors with a high efficiency factor and a low noise level in ventilating fans. They are the only company in the industry which develops and builds 85 % of its ventilation equipment components including electric motors, heat exchangers as well as control and automation equipment.

We offer an extensive range of fans covering a number of applications including smoke extract fans, residential fans, commercial and EC driven commercial fans. Fan types include:

– Axial fans are the wheels with blades (so called impeller) enclosed in cylindrical casings and attached to the hub at required angle to plane of rotation. As impeller blades rotate air is trapped between the blades and moved further axially. Air is hardly moved in radial plane of rotation. Normally the axial fan blades are fixed directly to the motor shaft.

– The centrifugal fan consists of an impeller and scroll casing. An impeller is a hollow cylinder with the blades inside that are fixed to the cylinder circumference with disk plates. The hub is located inside of these plates and is designed for mounting of the impeller on the shaft. As the impeller rotates air is trapped between its blades, gets pressurized and moves in radial direction from the center. Under centrifugal force air is transported to the scroll casing and then to the exhaust pipe.

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