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Duct Accessories and Access Doors

Duct Accessories

AMS offer a wide range of duct materials for support, fixing and insulating which comply with DW144 and DW145. For use in HVAC applications in both commercial and residential installations. This catalogue encapsulates the most common items along with technical data.

For other documentations such as MSDS please contact us directly or for any non listed ancillaries which we have not been included due to the extensive range.

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Access Doors

With energy conservation at the heart of every design more and more ductwork systems are required to be pressure tested to ensure they meet leakage parameters in accordance with DW143 and EN 15727:2010.

At the same time, the revised DW144:2016 has called up additional cleaning and inspection doors be provided for a wide variety of applications. Increasing the number of access doors in all ventilation ductwork has often resulted in failing to meet the leakage rates due to the use of such high quantities of untested access doors.

AMS have sought to remedy this issue by assembling a complete range of doors to suit every duct type, size and shape in providing the right door for the right application. Included in this range are insulated/ uninsulated, fire rated/ standard, round/ square, tabbed/ plain, and, most importantly, tested/ untested doors.

Our comprehensive range of access doors includes:



  1. SureFire EnSave Heavy-duty Fire Rated Doors (BSRIA Tested)
  2. SF/AD SureFire Standard Fire Rated Doors
  3. EnSave 144 Tested Doors Suitable for DW143 Leakage Rates
  4. ECO/RD Uninsulated (rectangular) and ECO/R/RD Uninsulated (round)
  5. EZFIT/AD Insulated Tabbed Doors (for DW144 Ductwork)


To select the right door for your application, please contact sales@airmovementsupplies.ie

SureFire Fire Rated Doors


SureFire EnSave fire rated doors come in a variety of sizes are suitable for installation for BS 476 fire duct as well as EN 15871 and EN 12101-7. These unique heavy-duty access doors have been independently tested by BSRIA under high pressure (+2000 PA -750 PA) and have achieved exceptional low leakage rates.

SureFire EnSave doors are suitable for fire rated rectangular and spiral ductwork (with the addition of a mounting saddle) for smoke rated ducts come under EN 12101-7 with CE Mark.

The standard SF/AD SureFire access door was the original fire door that has been in vogue since 2005. This insulated door comes with a high density calcium magnesium silicate insulation which has been tested up to 1200°C and has a 96kg/m3 density.

The insulation supplied with the double-skinned galvanised steel skin has been tested in all fire duct scenarios including BS476, EN 15871 (for kitchen extract and passive air) and EN 12101-7 smoke extract under which it is CE marked.