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Control Panels

Air Movement Supplies are trusted partners of Rf-Technologies.


The ZENiX controlling system, is designed to monitor and control fire dampers and smoke control dampers and shutters, as well managing digital inputs and outputs. Each controller can handle up to 100 field units. Several ZENiX-100 controllers can be connected in a single network, allowing the ZENiX controlling system to be implemented in the largest buildings.

The ZENiX-100 can be used with a pre-programmed basic fire scenario, but also to program elaborate multiple scenarios (matrix) if required. It can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated to the building management system via a BACnet IP connection.


The ONE-X is a spring return actuator with integrated communication module designed to simply operate Rf-t fire dampers of all sizes, automatically or remotely. When powered, the actuator moves the damper blade into its stand-by position. When the power is interrupted or when the temperature in the duct exceeds 72°C, the internal armed spring brings the damper blade back into its safety position. The motor can be reset manually by using a standard 9V battery.

The integrated communication module enables monitoring and remote control of the fire damper using a ZENiX controller. The status of the fire damper can be read over the bus, even when power is not connected to the fire damper. Three LEDs on the ONE-X indicate the status of the damper, bus communication, and any error messages. The ONE-X is available in two versions: 24 V and 230 V. As an option, connectors can be provided on the two bus cables and the power cable.


  1. Unlocking button
  2. Blade position indicator
  3. Red LED: Status
  4. Battery compartment
  5. Blue LED: Communication
  6. Orange LED: Error Message
  7. Power
  8. Bus cable
  9. Bus cable
  10. In line wire-to-wire connector IP68