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Control Dampers

HD/LL Heavy Duty Low Leakage Damper

For control and balancing of supply and extract ait systems where high pressures and velocities may be experienced. All dampers are fitted with opposed blade action, airfoil blades as standard. The angles are adjusted via the robust, hand operated, lockable quadrant or with an optional extended spindle suitable for motorisation. The linkage system is enclosed and positioned out of the airstream. Casing leakage conforms to HVCA specification DW144 and Eurovent 2/2 classes A on casing leakage and Class 3 on blade leakage.

• From 800×100 to 1300×1300 (single             section) and up to 2980 (W) x 1300 (H)
• Multiple assemblies can be supplied.
• All models are available with opposed          blades.

VCD (Opposed Blade)

For duct installations to balance/regulate airflows. All spindles revolve in low maintenance nylon bushes which are fitted within pressed inserts. Precise blade positioning is achieved via a robust dual-purpose quadrant and spindle assembly, operating the linkage mechanism which is located outside of the airstream.

The quadrant assembly is designed to facilitate simple conversion to motorisation with an additional component of a new drive spindle.

• Standard case construction is extruded      aluminium.
• Minimum size 100mm x 100mm.
• Maximum single section size 750mm x        750mm.

Full Range of Control Dampers

Our extensive range includes the following models:

  1. HD/LL – Heavy Duty/Low Leakage Damper (Shut off)
  2. VCD – Opposed Blade Damper (Balancing only)
  3. DRIS – Iris Damper
  4. SBD – Single Blade Damper (Balancing) 
  5. AGU-R – Shut Off Single Blade Duct Damper
  6. DL533 – Specialist Data Centre Damper Class “B2”
  7. uPVC Dampers
  8. Variable Air Volume Dampers
  9. Pressure Relief Dampers
  10. DS – Back Draught Shutter
  11. HD/BDD – Heavy Duty Back Draught Shutter